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Introducing the Link Chart Analysis Approach (LCA)

If you grew up as a 90's kid and/or early year 2000, you might remember the show Prison Break.

It's a show about a guy named Lincoln Burrows who was wrongfully convicted of a murder he didn't commit and was placed on Death Row.

His younger brother, Michael Scofield was a young, smart, and bright individual who plans to break him out of prison.

Scofield was a structural architect for the prison and he had the blueprint.

Did I mention he's a good-looking guy too?

Almost every girl I knew at the time had a celebrity crush on him, myself included!

Anyways, in America, it doesn't matter how good-looking you are. If you break out of prison, they will send someone to get you.

Meet Special Agent Alexander Mahone, otherwise knowns as "Mahone" for #shorts

He's "The guy".

"The guy" you do not want to mess with.

"The guy" you do not want to cross paths with.

"The guy" who was sent to catch the fugitives


"The guy"

that's responsible for me to become the Elite Prospector that I am today.

"Mahones was so driven, anything that was in front of him got destroyed" -Jax

Mahone's Characteristics are as followed:

  • Obsessed

  • Driven

  • Visionary

  • Strategic Problem Solver

His head-on approach to catch Scofield and Burrows..?

Link Chart Analysis

According to Google a Link analysis, sometimes called 'graph visualization' or 'network visualization', is the process of visually presenting networks of connected entities as nodes and links. Normally, the nodes represent specific data points, and the links represent the connections between them.

Most reps only do "basic" research. They find one thing about you, talk about it, and take off. You then never hear from that again and that's a wrap.

The LCA arms you with what I like to call "bullets". These are 3 things they're responsible for, 3 work histories, and 3 things they value otherwise known as 3X3.

The keyword here is value.

"You can have 3 people, working in the same place with the same role and they all value something else"

They're like ammo, you can only use it once but when used strategically, it'll take them down a vortex of storytelling.

You then get creative, tie in some relevancy and deliver storytelling through a multi-channel concept where they're most active in with the least noise is how you get them.

Untapped channels I found that worked if they're active on there are as followed:

  • Twitter

  • Personal Youtube Channels

  • Personal Blogs

You're probably wondering... blogs?



As an Everyday Frontline Practitioner, I'm bout to show you what that looks like in real-time.

Meet Ashleigh Early, Sales Development Coach, Cheer Leader, Consultant, and Host of The Other Side of Sales Podcast.

I created an LCA to share on her recording last week but since it got rescheduled I'll just show you here.

Lucky you - you get a sneak peek..!

Before we get started on the campaign, let me note that I made an astonishing discovery when creating her LCA.

I can be wrong, but I highly doubt it. On the top, the left-hand side is her mentor (Kasey Jones) logo, "ABJ" for A Better Jones, and to your right is "AE" is Ashleigh Early.

If you look closely, they're both very similar in terms of letterings and color-coded.

This tells me, Kasey is more than just a mentor to her. She's one oaf her best friends. Somebody she holds dearly and would travel 1,000+ just to be by her side if something bad was to happen.

Ashleigh, if you're ever reading this can you confirm if this is correct?


Anyhow, without further ado let's get down to business.

Let's pretend we're gonna sell her a Podcast Lead Capturing SaaS Platform that captures leads of the individuals who tune in to the podcast.

In case you're wondering, it took me less than 5 minutes to whip up her LCA Chart.

Here's how I would run the LCA and take her down a Vortex that's bound to make her smile.


Channel: Email

Subject: 70 confirmed..

Hi Ashleigh,

Seems like you help a lot of SDR/BDR's in your line of work, especially when it comes to Prospecting and sharing Sales Development best practices.

Curious, with over 7 co-hosts and 70+ confirmed episodes, how are you capturing the leads of your listeners today..?

Would love to share some insights if you'd be open to it!

Best, Jax


Submit a "Pitch" on her podcast page with the message titled "70 confirmed".."


Email Bump:

Hey Ash - in case you're wondering, here's your insights as promised!

There's a new SaaS platform that's now capturing leads of the individuals who are currently tuned into your episodes.

Not only would it give you the information to reach out, but it'll tell you how high it's scored as well based on its listening tenure.

Although that may sound curly, is this something you'd be open to learning more about..?




LinkedIn Connection Request Message: "curly.."


Channel: Email Bump (deposit)

Not all things curly are bad.. would you agree?



Email: New Email Thread

Subject: give back..

Hi Ashleigh - seems like Kasey Jones must've been a great mentor for you especially when it comes to giving back.

Not only do you give back to the community on Linkedin in terms of Mental Health and Prospecting, what if you can give back to your podcast audience as well?




Channel: Email Bump (deposit)

Ash - in case you're wondering, here's how we're currently giving back at SDU.

Talking about #TeamGivingBack





Channel: LinkedIn InMail

Subject: 8,000+..

Hey Ash - just how much of that 8,000 followers are tuned into your podcast..?

More than happy to show you what that looks like if you'd be open to it..!




Email: New Thread

Subject: would it..?

Ash - on your YouTube episode of Advice To Younger Self you mentioned "Lean into who you are" and that you are "forward".

We help B2B Podcasters capture the leads of their target audience so they can do an organic outreach and ultimately have conversations that'll result in revenue.

Would it make sense to push this conversation forward..?




If Ashleigh accepts LinkedIn Connection Request:

Send her an audio recording of her own voice from the episode listed above where she said "I have curly hair, I am forward" played at 00:15

Then immediately talk into the recording and say:

Ash - you mentioned you're forward, if you're not capturing leads now to your current listeners then you're now actually backward. In a world of noise, we must keep a curly hair don't care mentality and I'd love to take this opportunity to ask..

"May we push this conversation forward?"


I guarantee you, once she hit that play button on LinkedIn and hears her own recording her mind will literally


Congratulations mate, you just witnessed a live real-time Creative Outreach Campaign with the Link Chart Analysis Approach.

So.. wanna break through the noise?

Take the LCA Approach.

Don't take my words for it, see for yourself.

anddddddddd for the #MillennialTwist, here's Mahones in real-time running the LCA.

#sales #salesdevelopment #saas #ae #sdrsunite #linkchartanalysis #strategicprospecting


UPDATE: 8/17/2021

Yep - turns out I was right, Ashleigh did confirm that she holds her mentor, friend, best friend, and colleague Kasey Jones dearly.

You know you officially made it to Sales Development when Ashleigh Early gives you props.

In case you're wondering we recently ran a recording that's set to release somewhere in September or October 2021.

Ashleigh - thanks again for all you do, the Sales Development Community appreciates you!



#sales #salesdevelopment #topfunnelstrategy #linkchartanalysis

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