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Why Sales Development is a Transferrable Skillset

Sales Development - what is it exactly?

According to Wikipedia, it's as followed:

Sales development is an organization that sits between the marketing and sales functions of a business and is in charge of the front-end of the sales cycle: identifying, connecting with, and qualifying leads. Wikipedia

Although this is true, is it possible to use it for something else..?

Jim Kwik once said that Questions are the Answers.

That being said, what if we ask oursevles...

  1. What if we can bring on new guests for the podcast

  2. What if we can get a warranty exchange from Jabra

  3. What if Unemployment can expedite the process

It wasn't until unemployment fast-tracked the application reducing from 5 - 7 months to 45 days that gave me an "ah-ha" moment

Yea I said it, Unemployment.

We have all either been there or we know somebody who has.

You may remember my story of rolling out my own gig only to fail from having 17 cents left in the bank.

That's now in the past but in case you'd ever like to revisit here's the link.

During these tough times (March 2021), I was told EDD was so backed up the estimated wait time was about 4 - 5 months.

As a Top Funnel Strategist, I decided to start running creative outreach campaigns just to "test the waters".

To my surprise, it worked.

Not only were they able to expedite the process but they reached out that same day via phone calls!


If you're a true sales professional, then you definitely heard of Jabra.

That or you at least own one yourself.

We use it every day.

We touch it.

We feel it.

We nourish it.

It's our baby and we definitely can't work without it.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of other great brands out there but I'm loyal to the brand.

If you ever did a warranty exchange through Jabra, it can take anywhere from 2 - 3 months before you get a replacement (if you even qualify for one).

But if you take the Sales Development approach, you can get it within 45 days.

Oh, and even if you're out of warranty it's possible you can still get approved.

Only if you ask.


So the question remains, is Sales Development only for B2B organizations to generate business conversations?

The answer is yes.

Upon piloting the program with the Sales Development approach we were able to send over on average 3 - 4 high performing AE's a day, receiving two offers both within 14 days of inital contact

Unless you know how to build your own tech stack for the right reasons.

Reasons. Reap. Results.

This article is fully dedicated to Leo Ma, COO, and Co-Founder over at Vouris.

Dear Leo,

It is you that believed in my line of work.

It is you who's always looking out for me.

It is you who took me directly under your wing and introduced me to recruiting.

Not only did you help coach and guide me methodically when it came to getting started, but you were able to marry my gift (outreach) to uncover and maximize the best of its ability.

Because of this, we were able to together successfully source and place our first candidate ever within 14 days of initial contact which then opened my eyes to that the opportunities truly are endless in this world.

We're more than colleagues now, we're buds.




Connect with Leo on LinkedIn here.

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