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The Rise & Fall of SDU Academy

Wanna break into tech..?

Or at least, know someone who does..?

Did you know that the average Sales Development "boot-camp" is either 10K upfront or 30K in income sharing..?

Yeah, I said it, 30K.

"We live in a world of hidden talents."

Each of these hidden talents possesses and nice, beautiful, and shiny pearl from within..

and this pearl can only shine if it's tapped the right way. -Jax

It all started in January 2020 thanks to MSP (Modern Sales Pros).

There was a conversation around a thread that was speaking about a boot camp that is mainly templated based and not so caring when it came to their students.

One individual that stood out to me was Michael Hopkins, a retired vet.

"His profile broke my heart." -Jax

When I first read his profile (January 2020), he stated he was ready to book countless meetings and take your company to be the next unicorn.

Although that sounds great, just how realistic is it?

Are we delusional?

Are we humans?

Or are we just dancers..?

"Ready to book unlimited meetings and take your company to be the next unicorn." -MH

Now.. to set the record straight I'm not against age or how old you are.

Hell, I entered the tech game at the age of 29 and so did my man James Bawden.

Labeled "old-SDRs" and realistically reported to 21 and 22-year-olds, we have no problem at all when it comes to biting the bullet.

As true sales professionals, we all know that in order to do good you must qualify in as much as you're qualifying out.

As I kept in touch with MH, I offered my assistance constantly.

All in all, legends have it he's still seeking with no luck today.

"I was supposed to use those funds to take care of myself, instead I rolled the dice and pursued to bring SDU Academy to life."

Have you ever been so ambitious, you'd do whatever it took to be successful?

Upon my departure from BetterGrowth due to mental health issues, I was fortunate to receive severance pay.

I was supposed to use those funds to focus on myself, instead, I rolled the dice to bring SDU Academy to life.

I flew to Wisconsin to bond with my Co-Founder, Ryan Zadrazil, and finalize what would be "SDU Academy's Courses"

We had a great time.

We bonded, met his entire family, and got to know each other on a personal basis.

His dad, John Zadrazil is truly a great host.

He even gave me a VIP tour when it came to Wisconson's EAA Aviation Museum!

In case you're wondering, here are the layouts we had finalized.

Upon finalization, Ryan and I also completed the landing page you can see below.

So.. what exactly happened and why did it fail?

"When I got back, all I had left was .17 cents."

No source of income.



Was behind in rent and started to deliver for Door Dash just to stay afloat but that's for another day.


I'd like to take this time and personally thank two individuals who've helped Ryan and me come this far with SDU Academy. Even though it failed without these two we wouldn't have made it pass the bar.

Chris Ortolano, Founder & Principal of Outbound Edge, and Joseph Fung, CEO & Founder of Uvaro.

Chris served as our Strategic & Growth Advisor while Joseph Fung gave us real-time feedback on the courses in terms of consulting.


All in all, lessons learned.

If you want to start a company and/or any company, you better have some capital.

So to end it here, you're probably wondering.

Do I have any regrets?

The answer is..


and for a #MillennialTwist here's a short clip of behind the scenes :)

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