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Meet Jack Wilson, the First Person to Ever Say Yes

If you're in sales, obsessed with personal development, and on a journey to find out what you're meant to do in this world, you might've heard of him.

His name is Jack, Jack Wilson to be exact.

Loving Father.

Sales Coach.

Sales Trainer.

and the first to ever say "YES" to become my first and ever mentor that will then have a massive snowball effect on my personal development and growth career.

Finding a mentor is hard.

Getting one to say "Yes"..? Even harder.

After getting rejected more than ten times, I finally got my first mentor and it all started with a Covid joke in February 2020 (before it got serious!)

"I told him bring the heat and he said it'll be sicker than COVID, and just like that the rest was history."

We ran the recording on February 14th, 2020.

Yes.. on Valentine's day.

For the love of Sales and Sales Development, I should say...nothing special. Just two guys with the same passion wanting to provide the same value for the same end goal and that's

to help others.

Having Jack say yes was astonishing to me. I will then later get an "Aha" moment that having him by my side was a great contribution towards my growth and personal development.

"Just because it worked for them doesn't mean it's gonna work for you"

As I started to gain traction in my personal branding when I see anybody with a strong presence, a lot of LinkedIn followers I always tried to do what they do.

  • Posting every day...

  • Commenting on everybody and anybody's content...

  • Liking almost every post that popped up on my page...

Turned out to only realize that you don't have to do that to build your brand. Sure, it helps.. however, this is just about almost everybody's go-to strategy when getting started.

Upon meeting Jack - I then realized that I don't need to do that. All I have to do was be myself.

This became a blessing and a curse. As an Asian American 90's child who grew up in the hood, I started to post just about almost every personal life events that happened to me.

It broke me.

Then it made me.

It's fine to share your story but when doing so you must ask yourself:

  1. What's the end goal here?

  2. What are you trying to achieve?

  3. What are you trying to be known as?

LinkedIn is a professional platform and you should keep it that way. However, there is room to twist and bend the rules, only if you're a risk-taker rule breaker.

Fast-forwarding time till this day, I see my content as a time capsule. To be able to look back and see where I came from and how I grew from it.

Therefore although some of the posts weren't deemed "Professional", I have absolutely zero regrets.

This is who I am.

Hands-on Live Coaching

Having a coach outside of your work is truly powerful. In case you'd like to see what this looks like in real-time, here's me getting used to video.

As you can note from the first video, I had no structure. Words were off, the call to action was weak and more importantly, I looked really nervous. If you're nervous, then your prospect will be nervous.

Upon feedback and coaching from Jack (this was on a Saturday btw..) you can see how much more value I was able to bring. If you're curious.. just see for yourself with the Vidyards listed below.

p.s. no, I don't wear glasses but it was required to be an "Analyst".



A lot of people have asked me how I became such a great networker?

Well... it's because of Jack.

His life philosophy is not to just network, but to network within your work.

If you only network within the people of your circle, you're pretty much capped.

But if you network within their network, like a web your circle of professionals will now expand.

Have a keen eye.

Be sharp.

Aim high and connect the dots.

Give without expecting anything in return.

That's how you become a person of value.

Jack, thank you so much for taking me in. You were there at my worst and no doubt you’re gonna be here at my best.

Without you, there's no me.

Because of you, I am who I am today.

and today, I'm the one driving the bus.

See you in 2022!

Jax, the reason I said yes is because you're different.

I see something in you and I believe you're going to do great things.

You may not see it now but when the time comes, you'll be able to look

back and see what I'm talking about" -JWilson (April 2020)

"No matter what happens to you in life, I will always be here for you" January2021 (Dark Passenger)

By the way, have you seen his hype video for UnCanny Sales?

I made this Hype Video for him back in March for his Birthday. Speaking of birthday, happy birthday to your son Jaxon Jack!

He is no doubt an upcoming ladies' man and with a dad like you, he's going to do great things.

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