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Learn the 5 Pillars with Mitch Reaves, SDR Manager at Dozuki

"The 5 Pillars are the foundation of my life perspective and what it takes when it comes to building an effective SDR/BDR team."

My name is Mitch Reaves and I started off as an SDR at the age of 30. However, I never let that hold me down, the job is tough but there's one thing no one can ever take from me and that's my belief in Believing.

Believing I can do it.

Believing I will do it.

and of course, believing that I did do it.

How did you break into Sales Development?

“It became an internal challenge to prove to myself that I could excel... that's what fueled me everyday.”

It's a bit unique; I was a part of a college basketball program for 15 years and upon being let go after a decade at my most recent school, I found Dozuki.

It just so happened, I had a friend who worked for them who made the same leap, going from athletics to Dozuki.

Sales always intrigued me and had I never got into coaching, that's where I was planning to start a career.

Once I got into the role, it became an internal challenge to prove to myself I could excel in this new industry/position - that's what fueled me every day.

How I crushed it in my role regardless the age.

As I mentioned before, I always thought I could be successful in sales.

As we know, thinking and doing, are two different things.

I simply wanted to prove to myself that I could be the best SDR and I did!

My mindset was to be the best: outwork and outperform in every aspect, every single day.

The 5 Pillars

Servanthood, Thankfulness, Humility, Passion and Unity

The 5 pillars (Servanthood, Thankfulness, Humility, Passion, and Unity) have shaped me since I was introduced to them in college. I look at them as my foundation, what I'm cemented in.

Get Inspired


Being a SDR/BDR is a tough job, but believing in yourself is key in any individual contributor role.

My name is Mitch Reaves, I started from the bottom and worked my way up to the top.

If I can do it, so can you.

Feel free to connect with me here, thanks!



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