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If you’re a Woman in Sales, here’s why you should follow Michelle Hecht

3.7 Overall GPA, National Sorority Member, and a Negotiation Mastery graduated from Havard.

She had everything and anything going for her.




Meet Michelle Hecht, a Pharmaceutical Sale Professional turned Sales and Life Coach.


Just like anybody else who got started with Pharmaceutical Sales in New York City, typically when you make it you don’t leave.

Good money.

Good status.

Good image.

I always knew deep in my heart that I wanted to be a Sales Coach

Well, not Michelle.

Deep down throughout her career, she always knew she wanted to be a sales coach but was often turned down.

Maybe because she’s a female?

Maybe because being a Sales Leader is Male-dominated?

Or maybe we just live in a world of the unknown?

Taking risks is huge, especially if you have a family to take care of.

In Pharma, you have to look a certain way and sell a certain way to win. I was done with that

Then again when it comes to Michelle, it's no risk, no reward.

She's an Angel.

She's a Phoenix.

She's a Risk Taker Rule Breaker.

In case you don’t know, the way people sell in Pharma isn’t the same way we sell in B2B.

In B2B it’s all value-driven.

In Pharma, it’s sometimes bribery.

Not all, but some.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s one of many articles to shed light on that topic.

Fast-forwarding into time, it was about 2019 when she decided to take a leap of faith and go all-in with her Sales Coaching career.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, she had her ups and downs.

When you’re just getting started and self-employed, oftentimes there's no reliable source of income and that’s where things can get scary.

Upon meeting Cynthia Burns, I was able to rise up from the ashes. It was my calling

It wasn't until she first met with Cynthia that she knew it was time.

Cynthia Barnes is the CEO and Founder of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP).

NAWSP is the only sales organization specifically designed for the most ambitious women sales professionals to fortify their strengths, amplify their sphere of influence, and level the playing field for those who dare to follow.

Here are a few takeaways Michelle got from Cynthia that helped made the final decision.

  • Never asking for a thing

  • Give before you ask

  • Become a Person of Value


Today Michelle has successfully helped countless people from all walks of life.

If you're feeling sad, she got you.

If you need somebody to vent to, she got you.

Even if it's not a business fit when it comes to helping she still got you.

and that's what Michelle Hecht is all about.

She is the host of the Fireside Chats, founder of the BounceBackAbility Coach, and Sales Trainer for GWI.


You’ve been through hell and back and yet you’re still here.

On the grind, day in day out.

You’ve been up.

You’ve been down.

Every time you fall, you get back up.

10 Steps Back.

11 Steps Forward.

Not only are you motivated and ambitious, but you're a prime example of what it takes when it comes to believing in yourself.

Thanks for all you do when it comes to empowering women in sales, SDU salutes you!




Want more of Michelle?

Connect with her on LinkedIn or head over to the 1UP Revenue Podcast and dive into her episode here!

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