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How to Land Your Dream Mentor

There's a lot of hardcore SDR/BDR's out there.

Some claim to be the best by sending you things such as Air Fryers, Love Notes, and even tickets to a game show.

How about flying 2,500+ miles to show face and becoming a person of value?

Meet Larry Long Jr., Sales Leader, Motivational Speaker, Top Gunner, and the Director of Collegiate Sales over at Teamworks.

"Teamwork makes the Dream Work" is his motto.

30K strong and this is how I got him to say yes to be my 3rd and final mentor.

We recorded an episode on the 1UP Sales Development Podcast in June 2020, just a little after the scary COVID-19 started to hit.

However, this recording was different from any other guests I ever interviewed.

His energy, voice, and tone brushed through my headphones.

I was thrilled.

We barely met and I knew I had to get him somehow, someway, one day.

Dedication, hard work plus patience - Nipsy Hussle

I knew I had to play the long game.

Larry is a popular guy and everyone wants his time but not everyone deserves his time.

"When we chatted, I saw a reflection of myself in Larry."

If there's one thing I learned from my sales professor in 2012 (Professor Morgan, OCC) is to get their address so you can send unexpected gifts to keep them in the loop.

This is really effective when used correctly.

When we chatted, I saw a reflection of myself in Larry.

Older gentlemen, but humble and funny. With jokes.

I got jokes, I love jokes, and can't live without jokes.

Knowing when to tone it down, when to be professional and when it's okay to play is crucial as a sales professional.

After our recording, I mailed him a thank you gift of what resonates with him.

Personalization and Relevancy, Always.

Now, you may be wondering wtf is "FIDO"?

Well, if you don't know, now you know playah!

FIDO is one of Larry's infamous catchphrases which stands for "F*CK IT DRIVE ON!"

If you hear on his episode's intro, we purposely repeated 3x to let you know that when sometimes sh*t hits the fan, all you can do is say "F*CK IT DRIVE ON!".

If you ever been to the South East, you best know about Bo-Jangles!

Bo-Jangles is basically the Popeyes for us but with more roots.

So.. I played out in my head over 10x times of how this would work.

I will "wine and dine" him and shower him with gifts.

All deposits, deposits, deposits until he gets down to the point and asks

"Okay Jax, hit me. How can I help you?"

When this happens, I knew the delivery had to be on point

If you have 3 minutes, this is how I delivered the Ikiguide to him.

and that my friend, is how you land your dream mentor.

Never rush for an ask.

Always provide value.

Show face.




This article is dedicated to my two mentors Chris Ortolano, Founder & Principal of Outbound Edge, and Jack Wilson, Sales Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and Founder of Uncanny Sales.

Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today.

They were able to see me at my darkest time and pull me up into the light.

More importantly, they don't see me for who I used to be but who I'm becoming.

"Chris, Jack, thank you for all you do. Because of you, I now have Larry."

Best, Jax

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