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Whether you're looking to expand your network or domain knowledge by 25%, connect with other individuals on the thread and cast your questions to get free insights and strategies; 100% cost-free.


If you're struggling to hit your numbers in terms of pipeline generation or have a lower closing rate than that of 20%, cast your questions and collaborate with others to learn how we can help increase your win rate.


At SD-Global Connect, we don't just belive in creating new ideas.  We believe creating in new relationships.

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Jackson "Jax" Lieu is an established Top Funnel Revenue Growth Leader and Individual Contributor (IC) with over 5+ years of experience and a track record for driving business growth through strategic outbound prospecting.

After experiencing two consecutive layoffs back-to-back dating in early 2018 due to a failed Sales Development program, he embarked on a journey to become a master at his craft.

It wasn't until he worked at two separate GTM Revenue Consulting agencies (Tenbound/BetterGrowth), he was able to achieve Sales Development Mastery.

Looking back now, he can see why their programs failed.  Wrong tech stack, wrong messaging, wrong targeting.

Since then, he's officially generated over 250+ apps and over 2.5M+ in the pipeline for other early-staged SaaS startups.  Ranging anywhere from 120-300% to plan, Jax has the ability to build your Top-of-Funnel GTM tech stack from scratch along with writing his own creative outreach campaigns from scratch that average a 45-55% open rate and 22% response rate.

Having a keen eye for patterns and trends, he began to implement and create his own patterns and trends.  Leveraging proven frameworks such as #RRR (Research, Retention, Recall) and #SSS (Short, Sweet, Simple), he came up with the bottoms-up approach known as the Link-Chart-Analysis (LCA) approach prospecting from the ground up.

Because of this, he was able to source multiple Fortune 500 companies including McDonald's USA, a 500K ARR partnership projection in just a matter of two weeks for a Series B SaaS startup (UpKeep).

Most recently, he served as an Account Manager at CIENCE, the world's leading B2B Lead generation as a Service and data SaaS provider for B2B and early-stage startups.

Jax grew his current book of business by 35%, generating over 450K+ in contract renewals, upsell, cross-selling, and expansion including spearheading the entire 75+ projects Top of Funnel GTM Strategy resulting in over 500+ booked appointments and generating over 5M+ in the pipeline for his clients.

He was also responsible for coaching and training 25+ outsourced SDRs directly under his wing.

When it comes to pipeline generation and revenue closing, Jax is truly a master of his craft. 


Join the thread today to get free insights and strategies, 100% cost-free.


Humble and full of heart, when not working behind a screen you can catch him whipping up culinary dishes as he has a passion for plating.

If he's not creating creative dishes you can find him in the boxing gym working on his knock-out punches!

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MEDDPICC + GAP + Challenger

We believe in teaching the prospect something new, form there I'd challenge them to fill the gap by doing what they wouldn't normally do in terms of Digital Transformation




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